Infinity Vest FAQs


Please take your time to read about how Infinity Vest works. If you have questions that are not listed here. Please contact us through our web form. 

How Does Infinity Vest Work?
Infinity Vest is a decentralized application that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and its job is to provide a publicly verifiable lottery experience for all its participants. Once you purchase an Infinity Vest Savings Ticket with a supported stable coin that stable coin, is sent to Compound Finance, an interest earning smart contract. You receive an Infinity Vest Savings Ticket, and are able to redeem that for your stable coin anytime. If you hold an infinity Vest Savings Ticket from the beginning of a round until the drawing, then you have a chance to win, and your chances of winning are very good.
When Can I Take Back My Money?
You can Withdrawal Anytime! Its as simple as that. Log in to the app and click withdrawal. Note: If you withdrawal your eligible tickets before a round ends, you will not be eligible to win anything for that round.
What Are My Chances Of Winning?
In short: Very Good! Your chances of winning are what make this project so amazing! That’s because there are many winners in this lottery. There can be as many winners as 2% of the total number of Eligible Vest Savings Tickets. You can use our calculator here: Interactive Calculator or read The Math.
I Won! How Do I Take My Winnings?
When you win, your winnings are paid back to you as Sponsored Tickets. If you would like to withdraw your winnings, convert them to Eligible Tickets then click withdraw them.
Does Infinity Vest Beat the Market Rate for Lending?
Yes, You can reliably expect to earn more on this app than a lending app, because the sponsored funds provide extra earnings for Eligible Ticket holders.
How Big Is the Infinity Vest's Savings Fund?
Infinity Vest’s Savings Fund can be found on the Pool Stats page in the App: Pool Stats
How Often Are The Drawings?
The draws are typically each week, but can go as long as month in between draws. Subscribe to our emails to stay informed.
How Many People Win Each Drawing?
Many people win each time there is a drawing. The maximum amount of winners is 2% or 10,000 Vest Savings Tickets.
Does the Number of Winners Vary?
The number of winners does vary. Typically it is 2% of the total Eligible Tickets, but it can range from .1% to 2% depending on interest rates, transaction fees, pool size, and general demand.
What Are the Types of Tickets?
An Eligible Ticket is a ticket that is eligible to be a winner in the upcoming drawing. A sponsored Ticket is a ticket that is providing interest, but is not eligible to win. An Open Ticket is a ticket that joined the pool after the start of the next round; it will turn into an Eligible Ticket after the next drawing.
How Soon Should I Take My Winnings?
You should plan to take your winnings as soon as you can; If winnings aren’t taken within 30 days. Infinity Vest has the ability to recycle unclaimed winnings that are 30+ day old back into the fund as Sponsored Tickets or support further development under Definity Labs. 

If you have any further questions, let us know.